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Home Learning Spring 2021

Thursday 4th March 2021

World Book Day Website Link


You should have received your book token via Class Dojo.

World Book Day book tokens will be valid from Thursday 18 February – Sunday 28 March 2021. In 2021 participating booksellers will honour the tokens beyond the 28 March while stocks last. 

The £1 book tokens can then be swapped for one of their exclusive, new and completely FREE World Book Day books available from participating booksellers or used to get £1 off any full price book or audiobook instead, costing at least £2.99. 

 Year 2 World Book Day Letter

What is your favourite word? How will you dress up to show us on a Book Day Zoom.

Look at Session 4 in English to choose some of the fun activities for day.

This term our theme is A Pile of Junk!


 Here is a suggested timetable for the week.



Physical Activity 

Try one of these activities to warm up your brain and body each morning.

PE with Mr Smith

Or try...

Zumba Kids - Dance



Cosmic Kids - Yoga





Click the film link below for each session.

 Session One


 Mrs Armitage and The Big Wave Prediction Bubble

 Session Two


 Session Three


 Compare Mrs Armitage's Stories Sheet

 Session Four



            What will you do today? Here are some online and offline ideas.

           Choose something you're going to enjoy. Click the blue links.


Tell use about your 5 Top Reads - Which books would you recommend to your friends?

Watch some of our reading recommendations.



Create a book review on one of your favourite books.

Example Template

Me As A Reader Poster

Draw an outline of you and draw a face to show how reading makes you feel. Inside write or draw pictures of how you feel about reading. On the outside, draw or write about what you need to become a ‘good reader’.


Why not create a Reading River. Draw, cut, stick or write about all the different reading you do throughout your day. I'm sure it's not just books you've been reading!

Here are some examples.



World Book Day Live Events

Some extra special FREE digital events, with an amazing line-up. You can watch them LIVE right here, or on their YouTube channel.

World Book Day Author & Illustrator Academy

The Author & Illustrator Academy beams authors & illustrators right into our homes and classrooms so children can meet the creative minds behind their favourite books.

World Book Day Resources

A wide range of resources linked to reading and different books.


Magic Poetry with Simon Mole - Turn an Object into A Character

Today create  a poem of your own. All you need is an object and this video workshop to write a character poem.

BBC Teach Live Lesson

Join this 30-minute Live Lesson, hosted by CBBC's Ben Shires and Bitesize Daily's Mr Smith on the morning of 4th March 2021 at 11:30am.

This very special Live Lesson aimed at primary pupils to celebrate books and share a story.

We'll be learning all about themes in stories and how to identify them, hearing about the stories you've been reading and some of your favourite themes, and meeting some of the incredible people that write about them.

 BBC World Book Day Activity Sheets for The Live Lesson

Scholastic and Travelling Books celebrate World Book Day with a week of free events Monday 1st – Friday 5th March. You just need to register.

There are three Draw with... sessions at 10am on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

 Session Five

 Today is our last session of English Home Learning, look back out some of the spelling   games you've played over the last few weeks. Choose one you've enjoyed and have  another   go. Has your spelling improved?

  BBC Small Town Superheroes English Games

  Karate Cats English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Game

 If you're looking for something else, look back at yesterday and choose an activity that   you wanted to do but just didn't have enough time for.


 Remember we are looking forward to seeing your word posters. Spend some time   making these look good. Colourful and informative!




 Looking for more to read, try Free eBook Library from Oxford Owl



    Can Do Club - Fractions                                                      

Maths Warm Up Songs

Super Movers 2 x Table 

Super Movers 5 x Table 

 Super Movers 10 x Table 


Click the film link below for each session.

 Session One


3/4 shaded activities

 Session Two


ICT Fraction Game

 Session Three


Third of Shapes

 Session Four

 If you are looking for something different on World Book Day, try one of the Maths we've   played before.

ICT Fraction Game

Top Marks Games

 Session Five




Science - Everyday Materials

Session 1:


Fair Test Video

Recording Sheet



Hard Plastic

Soft Plastic


Session 2:

Recording Sheet

Session 3:


Recording Sheet

Video Clip - Forces


PE Skill Challenge




 Story Time

   Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

  The Worrysaurus by Bright Rachel