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Year 1 - Hedgehogs & Squirrels

Click here for the Home Learning Map for yr 1

This week our home learning book is Billy's Bucket by Kes Gray & Garry Parsons

This story can be found here

Links and Examples

Below are some links and examples to help you complete some of the activities from our Learning Maps.

What will you find at the bottom of your bucket?

         Art Ideas           Art Ideas

Can you create a story map?

                                    Story map

What did you catch?

       Bucket           Fishing for Words



  OxfordOwl - Click the blue link below!                                                 

English Year One Home Page


  Phonics and Spelling - Click the blue links below!

Phonic Support - An audio guide on how to say the sounds.

OxfordOwl Phonic Audio Guide  



Try your hand at spelling some of our Year One words with...  

Spellingframe Choose a spelling rule and practice with a game or why not test yourself.



BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons                                                                     

Fridays Challenge 

BBC Bitesize - Maths Week 1 24/4/20

Year 1 CanDoMaths Daily Workout                                                           

A parent Pack of Year 1 Maths based on learning that has taken place during the academic year so far. Practise the skills and apply them to solve missing number and contextual problems to keep Maths Fit during the time of school closures.


The weekly plan will be:

Day 1 - Workout A and D

Day 2 - Workout E

Day 3 - Workouts B and F

Day 4 - Workouts C and G

Day 5 - Workout H

The first couple of Workouts have video clips to support.

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Workout 1.1 - Day 1

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Workout 1.1 - Day 2

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Workouts 1.1 - Day 3

CanDo Maths Daily Maths Workouts 1.1 - Day 4

 CanDoMaths Daily Maths Workouts 1.1 - Day 5

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Workouts 1.2 - Day 1

CanDo Maths Daily Maths Workouts 1.2 - Day 2

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Workouts 1.2 - Day 3

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Workouts 1.2 - Day 4

Unfortunately, the CanDoMaths Team are no longer producing videos to support the activity packs.  Generic videos have been provided for Workout A, B, C , D, E and also for Workout F - the links are below.

Also the original videos for pack 1.1 and 1.2 are still available.


CanDoMaths Daily Maths Support Video 1 - Workouts A, B and C

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Support Video 2 - Workout D

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Support Video 3 - Workout E

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Support Video 4 - Workout F

CanDoMaths Workout Answers - Click the link below! 

 CanDoMaths Workout Answers 1.1 and 1.2



Science topics: Animals, including humans, Living things and their habitats

Spark a conversation with this video showing fish and dolphins. This activity is great for describing observations and applying ideas in unfamiliar contexts.

Click the blue link below!    

Explorify Activity Whats going on? In the swim                                        


Let's Get Physical

Go on an adventure in the ocean with Jaime from Cosmic Kids.