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Year 2 - Badgers & Foxes

Wb 6th & 13th July  - Charlie Cook's Favourite Book - Year 2 

Click here for the Home Learning Map for Year 2

During this 2 week learning period we will be looking at the story Charlie Cook's Favourite Book written by Julia Donaldson and Illustrated by Axel Scheffler. 


                      Charlie Cook's Favourite Book             Axel Scheffler's official website | Charlie Cook's Favourite Book 


This story can be found here.

Below are resources to help you complete some of the activities from the Learning Map. Please do not feel that you must print these. They can be copied out or used as a starting point.


History - Favourite Books From the Past

Carry out a survey of family and friends to find out their favourite books from the past. What favourite stories did your parents / grandparents read? Why did they like them? How have stories / books changed over time? Create a video, poster or presentation to show what you have found out.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar [Board Book]: Amazon.co.uk: Carle ...         Mary Poppins - The Complete Collection Includes all six stories in ...       The Secret Seven – Secret Seven Win Through by Enid Blyton ...


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Graphic Novel The Chronicles ...   KS1 - FunnyBones Story | Teaching Resources   The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Amazon.co.uk: Kerr, Judith, Kerr ...



 Design Technology 

Use recycling materials to design and make your own pirate ship . 

DIY Newspaper Crafts | How to make Pirate Ship - YouTube  23 Best Junk modelling - boats images | Junk modelling, Crafts for ...
DIY Pirate Ship        make a model boat from junk ~ Download Free Boat Plans


Reading and Writing

 In partnership with the literacy charity, Bookmark Reading, we have created these activity sheets and games to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Charlie Cook's Favourite Book.



Author/Illustrator Research 

 Find out more information about Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler on  their websites.



Can you create an information fact file about the writer and illustrator?

Book Comparison 

Which of these books have you read by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler? 


Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Pack x 14 - Scholastic Shop

Choose `1 story you have read. 

How does the story compare with Charlie Cook's Favourite Book?

What is similar/different?  


Use this making links activity sheet to help you compare the stories. 


Story Writing 

Look at the different characters shown on the front cover. What stories include those characters? What adventures might they have? Plan and write an adventure story including all or some of these characters.

           Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

 Use this /docs/Story-Mountain_Planning_Grid__doc.pdfstory mountain planner to help you plan your story. 


Create a poster to show these spelling patterns we learnt earlier this year.  

 'Soft c' - for example - rice, lace, 

le - table, middle  

el - camel, tunnel, squirrel 

Soft and hard "c" anchor chart | Anchor charts, Reading anchor ...    

Use these activity sheets to practise your spellings and put them into a sentence. 

Hard and Soft C Sorting Activity

'le' Activities

'el' Activities

Common Exception Words Year 2

Remember there are still lots of games you can play to practise your spellings. 





Remember there are lots of games to help you practise your skills on the Maths Shed. 

Math Shed | App Price Drops

BBC Bitesize - Friday Challenge!                                             

Why not take part in the Bitesize challenge every Friday? Check back here every Friday for the latest challenge. 

 BBC Bitesize - Maths Week 26.06.20

CanDo Maths Club                                                                        

Here you will find a Parent Pack of Year 2 Maths based learning that has taken place during the academic year so far. Practise the skills and apply them to solve missing number and contextual problems to keep Maths Fit during the time of school closures.

The weekly plan will be:

Monday: Workouts A and D
Tuesday: Workout E
Wednesday: Workouts B and F
Thursday: Workouts C and G
Friday: Workout H

View document candomaths_workout_2_11_kpi.pdf

View document candomaths_workout_2_12_kpi.pdf


Unfortunately, the CanDoMaths Team are no longer producing videos to support the activity packs. Look at our previous Home Learning pages for previous workouts and support videos.

CanDoMaths Workout Answers - Click the link below! 

 CanDoMaths Workout Answers 2.11

 CanDoMaths Workout Answers 2.12


Physical Challenges 

Click here to take part in Andy's Wild Workouts!


Cosmic Kids: Click below to take part in some story time yoga activities. 

Cosmic Kids

WatchCosmic Kids Yoga



Sporting games and activities available on Wiltshire and Swindon Sport website. 

Wiltshire and Swindon Sports

 Week 4 Calendar



Science Observations

Tip the Scales (Odd One Out)


Show the three images above.

What is similar/different?

Think about:

  • appearance
  • what they do
  • where they might be found


Which one do you think is the odd one out and why? 

Remember there is no wrong answer. 

 Fun Floating Odd One Out 

Look at the three images above

What is similar/different? 

Think about: 

  • What material(s) they are made from?
  • Appearance
  • Their shape 
  • What they are used for?
  • Where  might they be found?                                                                        

Which one do you think is the odd one out and why? 

Remember there is no wrong answer. 

Materials - BBC Bitesite

 Have a look at these activities on Bitesize. 

Materials Bitesize Activities


Create a poster to show what you have found out about materials.  


Floating and Sinking 

Which items will float or sink? 

Floating and sinking investigation. | Nursery activities, Card ...
Use this activity sheet to help you. 

Remember to record your predictions and what you have found out.  

Make a Rubber Band Propeller Boat 

Have a go at making your own rubber band propeller boat. Use this link to help you. 

Test your boat in water,  how far will it go? 

Kids' crafts: Make a rubber-band powered boat | Boat crafts, Power ...              Kids' crafts: Make a rubber-band powered boat | Boat crafts, Power ...
How to make a self propelled boat craft from a magerine tub | Boat ...                    How to make rubber band powered BOAT DIY - YouTube


'Out of the Ark'  are offering free music resources for use at home during the lock-down period. 

(**Disclaimer - Some songs will have a religious theme**)

Click the house to take you to the web page.