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We know that preparing children for transition into another year group is important. It helps prepare children and parents for what to expect, and includes things such as where your child's new classroom is, who the adults will be, where the toilets are and will lunch time be the same.

This year we are unable to host our usual 'shuffle up' days which usually answer many questions and allay any worries. Instead we have prepared lots of resources for your to share with your child at home. 


Who will be where?

Find out a little bit about your new class staff by clicking on their names.

Click on the 'welcome to' links to view short video messages for each class.

Class name Staff Short Welcome Videos

Little Acorns


Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Galt

Miss Sheik


Welcome to Little Acorns

Reception Rabbits

Mrs Mundy

Mrs Higgins

Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Smith



Welcome to Rabbits

Year 1 Squirrels

Mr Maz

Mrs Turner


Welcome to Squirrels


Mrs Price

Mrs Turner


Welcome to Hedgehogs

Year 2 Foxes

Miss Vardy

Mrs Mangham

Mrs Lusty


Welcome to Foxes


Miss Ayres

Mrs Mangham

Mrs Lusty


Welcome to Badgers


 What will it be like?

Click on the links to view the 'Welcome to..' documents

Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 2

Bubble letters

Click on the links below to read the bubble letters for each class or year group. It will be helpful for children to read them a few times before they return in September.

Reception - Rabbits

Year 1 - Hedgehogs & Squirrels

Year 2 -  Badgers & Foxes

New Teacher Story time and Activities

Click on the links below to see a story from your new class teacher and an activity for the children to have a go at across the summer. 

Earl Years

Reception story time - This can be viewed on Tapestry

Reception Activity

Year 1 

Mr Maz Story Time

Mrs Price Story Time

Year 1 Activity

Year 2 

Miss Ayres Story Time

Miss Vardy Story Time

Year 2 Activity