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Nutritious Snacks

We provide a snack and drinks for your child during their day at our Nursery. At breakfast club (8.00 to 8.40 am), morning snack (10.15 am approximately) and an afternoon snack (3.30 pm) for those children staying later at our after school club.

We believe that eating healthily is extremely important in the development of young children and that children should be able to enjoy food as well as learn good eating habits for the future.

We acknowledge that sugary foods and drinks, fatty foods or foods containing additives are almost unavoidable in the modern diet. However, we have tried our best to plan our snack choices to minimise these influences and encourage enjoyment of a wide range of foods. 

We encourage children, where possible, to get involved in the preparation of snacks, which will include foods such as raw vegetables, cheese, toast, fruit and water. Milk can be ordered free of charge from the Coolmilk website. Crisps and similar products are very rarely used and only on occasions such as our Christmas and summer parties. 

We are a NUT-FREE school and are happy to help make adjustments for any allergies, dietary requirements or religious beliefs.