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Supertato Learning in Year 1 Inspires Children!

We were THRILLED to be copied into the e-mail below from Beth Taylor, mum of Tabitha, to the publishers of Supertato - the focus of Year 1's learning this term. Read on to find out more:

Dear Sir/Madame

I am sure you get thousands of emails and letters just like this one, however this is the first time I have ever written to a publisher so please read on.

My daughter Tabitha (age 5), is in year 1 at Eastrop Infant school. She and her classmates have been taken on an amazing journey courtesy of your book Supertato!

Their teacher Miss Vardy is one of those awesome teachers who has managed to capture the hearts and minds of these impressionable young children. They have made ‘Supertato’ (see pic… I hope they haven’t infringed any copyright laws!), they have sketched him, they have devised and built ‘Evil pea traps’ they have received regular updates about the whereabouts of evil pea! (He has been spotted near the church and the local Co-Op!) Most importantly they have loved every second of this term.

Supertato fever is rife amongst their class and their little faces are filled with anticipation as the doors open in the morning in expectation of what their ‘superteacher’ will be doing that day! Although I am slightly concerned that they are secretly supporting evil pea!

So please pass our thanks on to Ms Hendra and Mr Linnet, it is a wonderful story accompanied by spectacular illustrations. I’m sure that Supertato and his adventures will be on 30 Children’s Christmas letters to Santa this year!


Keep up the fantastic work

Warm wishes

Beth Taylor (Tabitha’s mom)



Tabitha's mum gave permission for the words and photographs on this page to be shared on our webiste.