• Eastrop Infant School is very proud to be part of Grove Learning Trust

PE and Sport at Eastrop

Our PE and Sports Leader is Mrs. Saunders.

Our Vision for PE at Eastrop

At Eastrop Infant School every child will experience a board and varied Physical Education programme to enrich their attitudes and exposure to sport. We believe that Physical Education should allow children to develop a positive state of mind, a good understanding of health and fitness, confidence and self-belief in their abilities and a resilience to challenge.

Every child is taught to develop their skills in PE through the Create REAL PE Programme and the National Curriculum (2014) programme for PE and Sports. This ensures that all pupils develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities. Throughout the week, we aim to provide two hours of high-quality physical education, which involves outdoor games skills as well as indoor gymnastics or dance. During the academic year, the children are also encouraged to take part in extra curricular sports clubs and represent the school in a range of tournaments, competitions and festivals.

Our approach to teaching Physical Education aims to promote a life-long love of physical activity where all children become active learners both inside and outside the classroom.

Lunchtime Play Leaders

Some of our Year 2 children are our lunchtime Play Leaders and demonstrate physical challenges to the other children.

The challenges have a variety of levels and I would love the children to have a go at them at home too!

We will start next week with a Fitness Challenge. 

May 2018

Our new Play Leaders have made a fantastic start. There are lots of children being active on our playground and following their lead.

This week the children are having a go at line jumping, wall squats, star jumps, crab walking and a plank. 

Festivals and Competitions 

5th February 2019 - Swindon Dance Festival 


On Tuesday 5th February the afterschool Ballet Club went to the Wyvern Theatre to participate in the Fortius Swindon Schools Dance Festival, and what a time we had!
The theme was ‘Around the World’ and we used an Italian piece of music to perform a National Dance with tambourines.
The event was fantastically organised and went without a hitch. The children behaved beautifully and were a credit to the school. We are proud of all the children who took part in the dance and they all did a superb job – well done to all those involved.

19th June 2018 - Swindon Schools Competition

Today I was so proud of my team of 8 children who took part confidently in the Swindon Schools' Quad Kids competition. Every child did a 400m run, long jump, howler throw and 70m sprint.

Overall we came 8th out of 18 schools and two of our girls were placed in the top three girls which was an amazing achievement.

Well done all!