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Nursery- Little acorns

Wb 22nd & 29th June - Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure - Nursery

Click here for the Home Learning Map for 2 year olds

Click here for the Home Learning Map for 3 and 4 year olds.

During this 2 week learning period we will be looking at the story Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure by Thomas and Helen Docherty.       


This story can be found here.

Helen Docherty reads the story here.

Links and Examples

Below are some links and examples to help you complete some of the activities from our Learning Maps.




This video is great for learning to hear initial sounds.

  Pre-Writing Skills

 Get your adult to write your name. Using a capital letter for the first letter only. Then using lots of rainbow colours practise writing your name. 



Playdough Disco is great to develop your fine motor skills, so that your fingers are ready for writing. Grab your dough and get ready to roll!




Put numbers on the step in order, when this gets too easy muddle the numbers around or miss out a number.


Play the Ladybird Maths Game. It suits all levels of abilities. 

Click here to play the game.


Let's Get Physical

 Cut out a shape from card and hole punch all the way around the edge. Use a piece of wool, string or shoe lace to thread around the shape.


Are you ready for a bit of Cosmic Yoga? Put on those dancing shoes and get ready to PAAAARRRRRRTTTTTYYYYYYYY!!!




Design a paper playground. Can you make a swing or a slide?




School Value This Term                                                            

Achieving Excellence.

We challenge you to:

  • do 20 star jumps
  • learn to hop
  • learn to skip
  • learn to count to 10 or 20
  • write your name correctly forming the letters           
  • learn a tricky tongue twister
  • follow a new recipe
  • find 10 bugs outside



          Think BIG and REACH FOR THE STARS!        

MUSIC - Click the blue link below!

         Out of the Ark (free music resource)                           

Out of the Ark have kindly released lots of free musical resources for children to access at home! Feel free to browse the link above and choose some songs to learn at home!

(**Please note that some songs may be of a religious theme.**)