• Don't forget to pop in after school to see the children's wonderful 'Summer Breeze' mural following their work with No Added Sugar.   

Vision and Values

Our Vision

We will be recognised locally and nationally as a beacon of educational excellence.

A little school that thinks BIG!

We will achieve this by:

  • Nurturing children so that they are confident and independent
  • Delivering, with consistency, an engaging curriculum through exemplary teaching
  • Supporting children and adults to be aspirational, lifelong learners
  • Encouraging our school community to enjoy our safe and sustainable environment
  • Engaging with communities through collaborative, inclusive relationships
  • Sharing successes and helping each other to realise that learning has no limits

OUR Values

A school’s values are so much more than words on a wall. They are the distilled essence of the school’s philosophy and, as such, we at Eastrop Infant School believe that it is vital that they come from the children.

In its capacity as the voice of the children, the School Council recently helped draw up a new school values. The 12-strong council – which has two representatives from each class across all three year groups held a series of meetings with governor Jan Milsom and teacher Andy Duncan, who were frequently dazzled by the children’s insight, wisdom and passion regarding the subject.

The discussions were animated and articulate. Indeed, setting the intellectual tone right at the start, a reception child on the council identified values as ‘something that is personal to you’.

Taking the values from the 2012 London Olympics as their inspiration, the children devised the following values over the course of the discussions:

Respect: We can show respect to others by setting a good example. There should be respect between children and adults towards each other. We are all different and might believe in different things. We should respect our bodies and try to be healthy. We should respect our property and take care of school property.

Excellence: We can always try our very best to be good at everything we do. We know that not everyone is good at everything. We can help each other to be excellent.

Determination: We can keep on practising and not stop and give up if we don’t find it easy.

Courage: We can help and encourage others to become more confident.

Awareness: We can notice all school equipment around us and look after it properly. We can help ourselves and others to be safe. We can notice if someone hasn’t got a friend. We can be aware of how others might be feeling.

Friendship: We can be kind to others because it is important to have friends. Friends will make you happy and they can comfort you.