• Don't forget to pop in after school to see the children's wonderful 'Summer Breeze' mural following their work with No Added Sugar.   

Meet our Governors


Kevin Weise - Chair of Governors

Type: Member Appointed

Appointment Date: 24/11/2013

Expiry Date: 24/11/2017



AJ Cripps - Vice Chair of Governors & Chair of Curriculum, Standards & Staffing 

Type: Member Appointed

Appointment Date: 10/12/2013

Expiry Date: 10/12/2017



Robin James - Chair of Finance & Premises

Type: Member Appointed

Appointment Date: 01/09/2016

Expiry Date: 01/09/2020



Jan Milsom

Type: Member Appointed

Appointment Date: 13/09/2014

Expiry Date: 13/09/2018



Aaron Griffiths

Type: Executive Head Teacher

Appointment Date: 01/09/2016

Expiry Date: N/A





Claire McLaughlin

Type: Elected Parent

Appointment Date: 13/11/2014

Expiry Date: 13/11/2018



Andy Duncan

Type: Elected Staff

Appointment Date: 01/10/2016

Expiry Date: 01/10/2020



Melanie James

Type: Elected Staff

Appointment Date: 21/09/2017

Expiry Date: 21/09/2021




Chris McMahon

Type: Co-opted by Governing Body 

Appointment Date: 15/07/2016

Expiry Date: 15/07/2020




 Clerk to the Governing Body

Jo Shaw 

Type: Clerk 

Appointment Date: 15/07/2016

Expiry Date: N/A





To ensure that our Governing Body, which meets at least termly, achieves its core strategic purpose, two further committees operate and meet at least once a term to carry out a structured programme of work. These committee groups are as follows:

Finance & Premises      Curriculum, Standards & Staffing   
Chair: Robin James   Chair: AJ Cripps
Kevin Weise   Aaron Griffiths
Aaron Griffiths   Andy Duncan
Chris McMahon   Claire McLaughlin 
Dani Duncan (observer)   Jan Milsom

Melanie James



Our Governing Body is highly effective and together we believe that our contribution to Eastrop’s improvement is excellent. Recent, major achievements include:

  • The appointment of an Executive Head Teacher and the development of a partnership with Southfield Junior School to provide children with a continuous and high quality primary education in Highworth 
  • The production of an ambitious School Improvement Plan (SIP) and accurate SEF 
  • The development of a formal link with one of our feeder nurseries, Vorda Pre-school 
  • The development of new breakfast club provision, in partnership with our School Business Manager

Governors have a very clear understanding of the progress that pupils make from their starting points and they have ambition and an unwavering desire for pupils to receive the very best education and leave the school ready and willing to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. They have high expectations of, and aspirations for, the children who attend the school. Governors have taken full account of all advice given and challenge senior leaders with rigour about the attainment and progress of pupils in the early years and Key Stage 1. This helps them to secure an external view of the school, making sure they keep abreast of where the areas for improvement are. They have helped to oversee improvements in the vast majority of areas.

Ofsted, 2016